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Danny Buzanko - "Just a Hamilton Singer/Songwriter"

Info & MP3's

Info & MP3's

"I grew up in Hamilton listening to the music this city has created and I am proud to be a small part of it.  Hamilton, and surounding area, has so many great talented artists, so I can't stress enough to get out and suport our local music."  -Danny Buzanko

This is the bed track for the GWS song "Walk in Swinging", enjoy!

Download "Walk in Swinging" MP3

I wrote this song in 2001 after working at "The Living Rock", I helped out at thier breakfast club.  I have never been homeless so being around teens and young adults who were, really touched my heart.  I have always hoped this song would at least make the listener think about the problem this city has, and try to help any way they can.
(This was recorded with Graveyard Western Sky)

Download "Am I Forgotten (A song for Hamilton's homeless)"

Up Coming Shows:
I am taking time to write and play 'Open Mic Nights' so I'll keep you posted.